Pepper pizza bar

Urban and comfortable city cafe in the city center, pizzas from the finest ingredients that have became a symbol of the premises, and a wide selection of cocktails with a DJ program on weekends, make Pepper Pizza Bar unique and attractive to every part of the day.
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Pepper Novi Sad

The desire to be different and be recognized for its unique premium espresso coffee for our needs coffee factory “Roastery 1886” has developed a unique blend of espresso coffee, which we called Pepper Espresso Blend.


That decision a little easier for you we have selected part of our extensive menu. The entire menu can be viewed on the side menu. You can look at the rest of our offer: Drinks and Cocktail card.

Pepper Cocktail Bar

Since the creation of Pepper bar, cocktail culture, we pay extra attention and preparing cocktails with a special passion. Experience gained through cooperation with the best bartenders, cast in each cocktail and today is pleased to serve our guests. Make sure why cocktails are part of our recognition!